This course is suitable for both novices and experienced flail cutters, you will either be an experienced tractor driver or you will have attended a tractor driving course. Our course will allow you to develop and expand where necessary on the skills, safety and knowledge required in order to operate the flail cutter and tractor together safely and competently.

Course Content:

  • Comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe practice.
  • Identify the risks associated with the use of flail cutters.
  • Select the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and machine guarding.
  • Identify and understand the controls and components of the machine.
  • Carry out prestart and daily checks and maintenance as indicated in the operator’s manual.
  • Understand the added dangers of operating on the highway and in public areas.
  • Put in place any signs or warnings in order to achieve a safe working environment.
  • Inspect the work area for health and safety and environmental concerns.
  • Safely start, stop and check all mechanisms including prime mover and cutter.
  • Understand the stability factors associated with the use of side mounted equipment.
  • Drive and operate the hydraulic controls to achieve an accurate cut.
  • Operate the machine in a safe and competent manner, maintaining all round observation.
  • Carry out after-use checks and maintenance.

Course Length:

  • 1 day leading to either Lantra or NPTC Certification