Felling trees and using a chainsaw can be dangerous; therefore it is essential when carrying out this activity that you have total confidence and expertise in what you are doing, so avoiding any accidents.

This course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you continue to be confident when using a chainsaw and felling trees and that you are aware of the current health and safety guidelines making sure you stay protected.

Course Content:

  • Understand risk assessment procedures
  • Assess trees to be felled for hazards and associated risks
  • Prepare trees to be felled and escape routes
  • Fell trees which have a diameter up to 200mm/8” safely and accurately using different techniques
  • De-limb felled trees in a safe and effective manner
  • Select and use hand tools and maintain them in a safe condition
  • Take down hung-up trees using hand tools
  • State techniques that must not be used for the takedown of hung-up trees.

Course Length:

  • 2 Days

You must have completed CS30 Maintain & Operate the Chainsaw & Basic Cross-Cutting before doing this course.