At a glance…

  • Duration: 0.5 Hours
  • Prerequisites: Internet access through PC, laptop or tablet.


This course has been created by Dr. Amy Irwin at Aberdeen University and is offered to learners free of charge.

Overview in brief

Over familiarity can often lead to complacency. This short course covers the basic yet effective steps you can take to minimise risk and make your farm a safer place to live and work.

The finer details

The course covers non-technical skills and how they can be used to improve farm safety. These skills include situation awareness, decision making, and task management. A pre-course and post-course survey must be completed to track changes in attitude and behaviours after undertaking the course. Upon successful completion, a Lantra certificate of training will be available to download and print. 

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Who should attend?

The course is ideal for anyone interested in non-technical skills in farming, such as farmers, farm workers, and contractors.

What will be covered?

The course covers identifying non-technical skills, situation awareness, decision making, and task management.