A Fire Risk Assessment is the most essential part of your Fire Safety Management system, hence it is a legal requirement to produce a Fire Risk Assessment for your business.

This half day course enables you to meet your legal obligations of producing a compliant Fire Risk Assessment for your premises, by providing you with knowledge of a fire risk assessment process and supporting guidance to enable you to complete a template risk assessment document on return to your work place and know where and when to seek additional assistance.

The course will include :

  • Explanation of a complete Risk Assessment Process in line with current legislation, guidance and best practice
  • A risk assessment process that satisfies the expectations of Fire Safety Officers from your local Fire and Rescue Service
  • Knowledge of what competencies are required for Risk Assessors
  • A logical step by step approach to learning Fire Risk Assessment
  • Advice on typical control measures used to reduced fire risks
  • A complete template fire risk assessment document emailed to you or provided on CD for your use on return to work