The aim of this course is to enable a person to work safely at height and also have an understanding of the current legislation, and the safety essentials for avoidance of the most common types of accidents.  Also to introduce the use of fall arrest equipment to raise awareness to the need to wear a harnesses and change in working procedures.

Course Content:

  • The Health & Safety at work Act 1974
  • The various Regulations which support the Act
  • The need for protection at height.
  • Types of fall arrest equipment
  • The correct and safe locations that can be used as anchorage points
  • Maintenance and care of the equipment including storage
  • The working methods affected at height.

Course Length:

  • One day

At the end of the training a short assessment will be carried out to confirm all Theory  & Practical Skills / Knowledge taught during the day.

We can also offer a half Step Ladder and Ladder Safety course if required.