Key People Skills - (4 day course)

For managers, team leaders, supervisors - the 'key people' in the organisation who deal with staff, customers and suppliers

Minimum PowerPoint - Maximum personal attention and feedback

Session 1 - The Business and You - Managing Yourself and Your Time

The session will help you focus clearly on how to best use your time and energy

  • How your business works (marketing, finance , production, people, organisation) and how the parts fit together
  • How your role contributes to the success of your business; know your leadership style and its implication for your team
  • How to cope with multiple demands and expectations

Session 2 - Communicating Inside the Company

How many business problems stem from bad communications somewhere along the line? Here is a chance to brush up your communications skills

  • Communicating with staff: induction, instruction and coaching
  • Presenting information clearly and memorably (spoken and written)
  • Assertive, not aggressive communication

Session 3 - The People People are a key resource of your business.

This session will focus on how to deal effectively with staff and customers

  • Interviewing and appraising staff: how to get and keep the right people
  • Motivating Staff : effective praise and feedback
  • Negotiation Skills : win-win negotiating, keeping the relationship on a solid footing
  • Managing Conflict: dealing with difficult people and handling awkward situations

Session 4 - Good Teamwork

A team that is running well is running profitably. Check your toolkit of techniques.

  • How a team develops, from first forming to attaining peak efficiency
  • The roles of team members: how to get the best out of each one
  • Setting up an effective meeting and running it efficiently