This course is for trainees who are required to use vehicle mounted/trailer boom spraying equipment (hydraulic nozzle) as part of their work.

Trainees must be able to proficiently use and drive the particular vehicle(s) used during the training.

All trainees must have attended the Safe Use of Pesticides Course (PA1) before attending this course and must pass the PA1 assessment before they can take the PA2 assessment.

Course Content:

  • Identify and describe how vehicle mounted spraying equipment works
  • Prepare and set up vehicle mounted/trailed spraying machines
  • Choose and use the correct nozzles for any application
  • Set and calibrate the machine for a given application
  • Fill vehicle mounted spraying equipment safely
  • Clean and decontaminate all the equipment safely
  • Service the machine
  • Operate a spraying machine safely and effectively

Safe Practice:

  • Operating the prime mover and/or the equipment in such a way as to put the candidate, Assessor, or the environment at risk will cause the candidate to be declared not yet competent.
  • All equipment used must be of the standard required under current Health & Safety legislation.
  • Candidates must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the risk whenever carrying out work on the applicator e.g.checking filters, replacing nozzles etc.
  • Contaminated PPE should never be taken into a tractor cab.
  • In addition before entering the cab, any PPE (other than coveralls and wellington boots) not required by legislation should be removed and placed in a suitable tractor locker or enclosed container outside the cab.
  • Candidates must be especially careful to avoid personal contamination when operating partially cabbed or uncabbed prime movers andbe particularly aware of the effect that changing circumstances have on the stability of the equipment.
  • The assessment may be carried out using either pesticide or assimilated product

The NPTC assessment will be arranged once the training day has been completed.