This course is for people who are required to use vehicle mounted or trained granular applicators as part of their work. Anyone attending this course must be able to proficiently use, and drive the vehicle which is being used during the training.

All trainees must have attended the Safe Use of Pesticides Course (PA1) before attending this course and must pass the PA1 assessment before they can take the PA4G assessment.

Course Content:

  • Identify and describe how granular applicators work.
  • Prepare and set up granular applicators.
  • Choose and use the correct type of applicator for a given product and situation.
  • Set and check the application rate for an application.
  • Fill the applicator accurately and safely.
  • Operate the applicator safely and efficiently.
  • Decontaminate the machinery safely.
  • Service the machinery.
  • Select the correct PPE when using granules.
  • Clean and store machinery correctly.
  • Accurately record information.

Those who are registered with the NRoSO and/or BASIS (NRoSO =12 points, BASIS = 12 points).