This course is for anyone involved in the application of pesticides with hand held hydraulic nozzle applicators.

All trainees must have attended the Safe Use and handling of Chemicals (PA1) course before attending this course. Candidates will be required to read a pesticide label and use a calculator during their assessment.

Course Content:

  • Identify and describe how hand held applicators work
  • Identify and select nozzles for various applications
  • Achieve the required spray quality
  • Carry out pre-start checks
  • Calibrate the applicator
  • Mix and fill applicator accurately and safely
  • Operate the applicator safely and efficiently in various situations
  • Prevent environmental hazards
  • Decontaminate and store equipment

PA6 AW is suitable for trainees who wish to use a hand held sprayer in or near water

Course content PA6 AW:

  • Legislation
  • The application of pesticides in or near water
  • Aquatic approvals
  • Environmental Agency approval
  • Calibration
  • Choosing dose & volume rates from the labels
  • Application rates
  • Water flow etc
  • Safety
  • The principles of application in or near water
  • Types of areas
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Safety near water and what to consider