This is course focuses on management of soil and water, two essential components of agriculture.

Course Content:

  • Why the emphasis on soil and water?
  • Cross compliance schemes
  • Basic soil science - Texture, Structure, Erosion
  • Erosion assessment methods
  • Methods for reducing erosion
  • Soil profile assessment – soil pits
  • In-field erosion risk assessment exercise
  • The soil as a substrate
  • Methods of cultivation
  • Soil type, Need, Geometry, Work rates
  • Compaction and its alleviation (including the effects of traction)
  • Plant water interactions for optimum growth
  • The role of irrigation and scheduling
  • Types of water pollution and the COGAP Water
  • Including methods of analysis
  • Drainage systems – types, importance and maintenance
  • Water table maintenance
  • NVZ legislation
  • Organic wastes - Types, Nutrient value, Application, Problems
  • Preparing a Farm nutrient balance sheet using RB 209
  • Preparing a manure management plan
  • Producing a farm soil and water management plan

Course Length:

  • Six Days (including Exam)