If you're looking to learn about the biology and control of wasps and bees, then this course is for you. If you've got further career aspirations in pest control, this certificate will count as evidence for our pest control qualifications.

Our dedicated one-day course provides you with full working knowledge, covering everything from biology and behaviour, to risks associated with wasp and bee control.

Our course is a mixture of training and assessment

You'll receive a certificate of competence to show you've covered the following course sessions: 

  • Legislation that affects pest management
  • Common terms for using biocides
  • Public health biocides product labels
  • Safe storage and transport of biocides
  • Disposal of biocides and containers
  • Keeping biocide records
  • Introduction to hymenoptera
  • Wasp species and biology
  • Nest building and surveys
  • Reasons for control
  • Safety and legislation
  • Non-chemical control and monitoring
  • Chemical control options
  • Honey bees: biology and control

Course Length:

  • One day classroom and practical demonstration.